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Overview :

The Biochemistry department is involved in Undergraduate teaching for Medical students. It also provides post graduate training in MD Biochemistry. The Department of Biochemistry is run by a group of experienced and talented doctors and faculty who provide diagnostic laboratory services to outpatients and inpatients. The laboratory is intended to serve as a referral laboratory for physicians of this hospital as well as for those practicing in the surrounding areas. Routine Biochemistry and specialized tests like hormones, tumor markers, vitamins and therapeutic drug monitoring is carried out on a daily basis.
The laboratory is committed to maintaining highest quality of performance using the latest technology and equipment that enables us to provide rapid and reliable results for the patient in the shortest turnaround time. Faculty and post graduate students are encouraged to do research and publish scientific papers.
The Biochemistry department, along with the other lab departments are interconnected to the hospital by a Laboratory Information System (LIS) for speedier and accurate generation of reports. Samples are bar coded and fed into the equipment, which automatically performs the tests indicated by the bar code. The test results obtained are immediately transferred online to the doctor’s desk after verifying the entries by a qualified consultant or a senior technician who have undergone training as internal auditors from NABL. We train students to be familiar with the principles and procedures of needed for working in a conventional & specialized medical laboratory.

Key Features :

  • Offers MD, M.Sc. in Medical Biochemistry and PhD. courses
  • To create “job-ready” technologists, medical teachers and PhD scholars
  • Provides a unique opportunity for students to undertake core professional and research skills education
  • Clerkship module for PG students in Biochemistry Diagnostic lab with hands on training on sophisticated lab equipment’s
  • Students are trained in carrying out clinical lab investigations, instrumentation analysis and interpretation of laboratory data. A unique training in inborn error screening is given in the IMD section of the lab.
  • Students also learn to operate the LIS (Lab information system) and understand pre-analytical, analytical and post analytical procedures. They also receive a working knowledge of Quality control requirements in the lab
  • Student participation in all P.G. activities; via, Seminars, Group discussion, Journal club etc. is mandatory and provides training in oral communication skills
  • The department has a well-equipped departmental library.

Area of Study :

Biochemistry is a branch of medicine that deals with the application of physical and organic chemistry along with Biochemistry in human health and disease. It is a field of applied biology and chemistry and is appropriate for students interested in the delivery of health-care services. For medical students it is imperative that they learn about the normal functioning of the body which deals with the process of converting raw materials or nutritional chemicals into more useful and valuable bio molecules such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids. It also deals with molecular biology, the science of genes. In addition, Biochemistry also deals with “blood tests”. It is the most important diagnostics sciences which deals with Biochemical investigations in blood and body fluids and helps doctors in diagnosis and decision making.

Additional Information :

The Biochemical diagnostics are done on unique automated platforms linked to sophisticated IT enabled services which allows the treating doctor anywhere in the hospital to view the blood test results of the patients immediately on being done. Biochemists have made important contributions to medical sciences over the years in terms of describing pathophysiology of diseases and inventing new diagnostic methodologies for better healthcare. The breadth and versatility of their training will continue to open many new opportunities for biochemists in the future. Biochemistry provides job opportunities in many kinds of laboratories like diagnostic, industrial, CROs, hospitals, specialty laboratories and pure medical research institutes.

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